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This listing is for everything you need to make a complete Chakra themed soap kit. Save 10% when purchasing the kit, rather than buying individual items in their listings. Please read instructions that come with the kit as it is NOT recommended that you use the full amount of fragrance or dye for each soap bar. There will be extra dye, fragrance and soap to make a approximately 3 batches.

The Base - Sahasrara
The Spleen (Sacral) - Ajna
The Solar Plexus - Vishuddha
The Heart - Anahata
The Throat - Manipura
The Brow (Third Eye) - Svadhishthana
The Crown - Muladhara

4 x 2 lb Melt & Pour (2 Clear, 2 White)
1 x Milky Way Mold, Chakras 1
1 x Milky Way Mold, Chakras 2
7 x Chakra Fragrances (1oz Fragrance for each Chakra) 
1 x 3 pk of dye to create own colours for each Chakra 
1 x instruction sheet 
Value: $118.90

Additional Items you will need from home:

1 x pair of latex or equivalent gloves
1 x Pyrex or other heat resistant container to heat up soap
1 x spoon for mixing/adding fragrance or dye
1 x soap cutter
1 x candy thermometer
Isopropyl Alcohol in a spray bottle (to spritz on the soap bars)

Check out this YouTube video for instructions!