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About Us

Canwax Inc.

Canwax is here to help you with your candle, soap and personal care products, whether for personal use or for your business enterprises.

We are located in Huntsville, Ontario, Canada. Occupying over 6,000 sq ft of commercial space our team of enthusiastic crafting experts are here to help you. We will ship anywhere in Canada and the U.S.A. 

How we started.
   As a marketing manager and candle buyer for a large importer one of the owner's got to see all kinds of wonderful candles.  Wanting to try her hand at them herself, she bought a starter kit from a candle supplier - and was smitten!  Thus the idea for starting a candle company was born. However, when researching and attempting to buy supplies direct from the manufacturers it was realized that minimum orders would be prohibitive for most candlemakers and the frustration of importing would put most people off.  That's when we changed course! Instead of making candles we decided to create a fully comprehensive candle and soapmaking supply company here in Canada.

In January 2003 we went online with our first shopping cart . In that short time we have made a mark in the candle supply market with over 140,000 orders shipped since its conception.

We offer better than retail prices (have you checked out that "Big Box Craft Store" lately? )

The site is ever evolving and new products are added on a regular basis - so come back and check us out. In fact, sign up for our newsletter on the lower portion of any page. You can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter by clicking the links.

Your suggestions and comments are welcome. If you can't find what you are looking for here, send an email and we'll try and source it for you.

Canwax carries paraffin wax from IGI and several vegetable/soy based waxes. Working with some of the top fragrance suppliers in the US and Canada, we have stocked over 300 quality fragrances (with over 80 of them below $29/lb).  If we don’t have the fragrance you want in stock we will source it for you.  

Prices are based on quantity bought with discounts for volume thus allowing you to gain discounts as you grow your business.

Fun Fact: We have sold over 5,000 lbs of French Vanilla and over 2,000 lbs of Muskoka Boathouse! We have sold over 550 miles of loose wick and over 11 million pieces of pre-tabbed wicks!

Happy Candle and Soap Making!

S.J. & Don


(Updated: January, 2024).