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Fragrance Loads

Dilution for Fragrances & Essential oils

 Lotions  1.0%
 Gels, Body Wash, Bubble Bath, Castile Soap  0.5%
 Body Polish & Soaps  2.0%
 Candles (depends on wax)  4-12%

These measurements are calculated by weight.  For example: 
6% = 0.06 x 16oz (1lb of wax) = .98oz  (we usually round up and say 1oz per 1lb of wax)
2% = 0.02 x 450gms of lotion = 9gm of fragrance

IFRA: International Fragrance Association
We provide an "IFRA" for each fragrance which outlines the usages of fragrance over various categories (eg. soap or candles).  When reading these forms it will state the "Safe usage" of a fragrance.  It may say up to 10% for a lotion but we would never put that much in - this is an indicator or how much fragrance "could" be in the lotion before it would cause problems on the average persons skin. You will note that the safe usage for candles is often 100% - but again we usually only use on average 6%.

Essential oils and fragrances do not have the same "usage" rates. You will need to read online each essential oil that you are using because some of them have warnings about being photosensitive or toxic in large quantities.