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Fragrances & EO

With over 300 fragrances you are bound to find ones that match your style and brand! Our suppliers are from North America and adhere to the strictest standards. The fragrances are paraben free and contain no harmful phthalates. All our fragrances are considered Vegan. As they do not contain "carrier" oils they will last for many years although the characteristics of the fragrance can change slightly.

Fragrances at Canwax are measured by weight, thus the volumes in the bottles will vary. Most body products and candle recipes reference ingredients by weight, including fragrances. Colours of the fragrance can also vary slight by batch.

Most fragrances have documents under the "MSDS & Documents" tab. (We are working to finish this category).

IFRA sheets indicate usage. They are broken down into categories based on the application they will be used in. The best way to figure out whether the Fragrance Oil selected will be suitable for your project would be to find the appropriate category and then the percentage usually labelled “Maximum Level of use %” next to it. One thing to clarify is that the Maximum % is not necessarily the recommended %.

Our recommendations for us:
Lotions:  1-2%        Soap: 1-6%          Candles 5-10%  

Please note: we are do not accept returns on fragrances (unless we made a mistake). We offer 1oz sample sizes so you can test before purchasing larger amounts.

We also carry a wide selection of Essential Oils and specialty Essential Oil Blends. 

*Special Orders: Quantities of 10lbs or more are classified as "Special Order". If we are able to fulfill the order immediately without depleting our stock we will ship you asap. However, you may have to wait 2-3 weeks for a 10lb order depending on the supplier.