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Type: Coconut/Soy Hybrid Blend (we do not have information on the percentages of the blend as this is proprietary information.)
Meltpoint: 135 degree
Primary Use: Container candles 
Packaging: Comes in Slabs.
Wick Suggestion: Paper core, Cotton Core, Premier & LX

Note that this is a softer wax with a lower melting point. The Coconut/Soy Hybrid blend is comprised of mostly Coconut, with added Soy wax, other botanical oils and no paraffin.  It is off white in colour and is comparable to soy wax with how it holds fragrance and colour. 
5 Coconut/Soy Hybrid Blend Wax
This Coconut Soy Wax is our all-natural container candle blend designed to create beautiful creamy candles in a single pour. Below are some recommendations to get started. 
Pour Temperature: 135-140 F. At this temperature there is little to no frosting or fat bloom and minimal contraction creating a beautiful one pour look. 
Fragrance Load: Holds up to 12% of compatible fragrance. We recommend 8-10%  
Wicks: CW-135 burns clean with the right size of many different wicks. Pre-heated glassware helps aid adhesion.  Let candles cure for a few days before burning to enhance hot throw. (These are just recommendations as every candle making environment and fragrance oil are different. We suggest you run your own tests to determine optimal candle performance for your set-up.)