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This soap is used to "suspend" items. Great to use for decorative soaps. Keep in mind that this product requires testing as some object are too heavy for it. Users should try adding their ingredients at a slightly cooler temperature than normal, as the base will be thicker and more likely to suspend additives. The key ingredient in the Suspending M&P base is Silica. Silica creates a suspending matrix within the formulation, but that very property can also be apt to trap in more air and create a cloudy effect. Therefore, when stirring in additives, it should be done very gently and avoid any abrupt stirring as this can inadvertently welcome air into the formulation and cause unwanted cloudiness of the base.

Caution: When making soaps it is good to remember that the Melt & Pour soap bases contain water as part of the formula, so if the finished bars are left exposed to the atmosphere, the water will slowly evaporate and the bar of soap will shrink. Therefore, we recommend fully wrapping the soap bar as soon as it is cooled dry to minimize or eliminate any shrinkage. 

Boiling Point: 100°C

Melting Point: 50-60°C
pH: 7.5-8.5
Country of Origin: United Kingdom