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Name: Ginger Root (Dried)

Botanical Name: Zingiber officinale

Main Constituents: Zingiberene: 35.67%

Origin: China

Extraction Method: Steam Distillation

Part of Plant: Root

Description & Colour: A pale yellow to yellow liquid, thin consistency

Aromatic Summary: Ginger Oil has an earthy, warm scent, with a slight lemon/pepper hint

Flashpoint: 65°C

Storage:  Transfer out of any metal and shipping containers (used for safe shipping), keep in dark glass container

Safety Notes: This essential oil may contain phototoxic properties and it is suggested to avoid exposure to the sun after application to the skin. For external use only; dilute before use. May cause skin irritations, a skin test is recommended prior to use, avoid contact with eyes. Avoid during pregnancy

Usage: Antioxidant, antiseptic, antispasmodic, antibacterial, diaphoretic, expectorant, stimulant, and stomachic. Soapmaking, candle-making, aromatherapy for colds and flu, nausea (motion sickness, morning sickness), rheumatism, coughs, and circulation issues. Help to relieve muscular cramps, spasms, and aches and ease stiffness in joints 

Blends well with: Bergamot, Cardamom, Black Pepper, Orange, Sandalwood, Ylang-ylang, and other spice oils

Native to Asia, the ginger plant can grow to about 3-4 feet and has white or yellow flowers. Known for its common name, ginger root, the oil of dried ginger actually comes from the rhizome (where the green foliage of a plant sprouts) of the ginger plant.

This information is for education purposes only and in no way is meant to serve as medical or professional advice. We are not responsible for any products made using these oils or the outcome of any application thereof. As always we recommend testing all products.