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Each aromatherapy inhaler comes in four pieces: the wick, inner tube, closing snap on cap, and outer tube. Aromatherapy Inhalers allow you to bring your essential oils on the go, and you can open and inhale the aroma when needed. 

Helpful Product Information:
Material: Plastic

Points of Interest: 
The wick fits loosely inside of the inner tube, and the cap snaps tightly on top, securing the wick inside the inner tube. The inner tube has four circular holes towards the bottom, which allow the aroma to waft through. There are also two semi-circular holes at the very top of the tube. The inner tube fits securely into the outer tube, and the ridged part of the outer tube is left exposed to allow the user to twist open the inhaler. 

The inhaler is used for aromatherapy. Create essential oil blends designed for energy, sleep, relaxation, focus, etc., and drop the blend onto the wick. The inhaler fits nicely in purses and pockets so that users can bring aromatherapy with them.

Product Dimensions:
Circumference: 2" for the main part of the outer tube. 2.125" for the ridged part of the inner tube. 
Total Height: 2.625"

Outer Tube: 2.25" tall x 0.625" wide 
Inner Tube: 2.375" tall x 0.75" wide 
Wick: 1.5" tall x 0.25" wide 
Cap: 0.25" tall x 0.75" wide

Common Uses: