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    Choose from our Pure Essential Oils or Blends and 3% Solutions
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    Our fragrances are tried and tested for quality! Use for your Candles or Soap & Body products. (Refer to attached IFRA's for soap and body use maximum percentages. Maximum is not the recommended percentage for actual use.) Fragrance oils are products containing man made fragrance ingredients, chemical compounds and sometimes natural ingredients. Our fragrances are Paraben free and do not contain any of the Phthlates which are considered harmful. All of our fragrances are considered Vegan. Please note: we are not able to accept returns on fragrances. We offer 1oz sample sizes so you can test before purchasing larger amounts.
  • Earth First Fragrances Earth First Fragrances
    Earth First is a collection of beautiful, CLEAN scents that are CONSCIOUSLY-CRAFTED for both safety & sustainability. These formulations combine the beauty of nature with safe science to create fragrances that both smell amazing and are safer for people and the planet*. Clean, Vegan, No animal testing and contain no PFAS**, sulfates, phthalates or parabens. Non GMO Responsibly Sourced Certified Natural. *When used as directed **PFAS - Perfluoralkyl and Polyfluroalkyl Substances
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    View many of our top quality fragrances that are under $30/lb
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