Wooden Wick, Crackling Booster, 0.04 (0.75"W X 5.0"L)
Wooden Wick, Crackling Booster, 0.04 (0.75'W X 5.0'L)

Wooden Wick, Crackling Booster, 0.04 (0.75"W X 5.0"L)

Part Number:WW:CB04-3
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12pc ($1.05ea) (+$12.60)
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The Original Booster Wick by The Wooden Wick Co.

The Wooden Wick company suggests this for Beeswax 4.0" diameter candle - we suggest testing in small batches first before buying large quantities (especially since beeswax can differ).

Price includes metal tabs.

This wick has a single ply wick with booster

Ply Single: .04 thick x 0.75"wide
Booster: 3/16th" 
Length: 5.0"

(Extra tabs can also be purchased separately.)

Wood Candle Wick Technologies cannot guarantee the level of crackle performance in your candle product. Factors such as wax blend, fragrance type, fragrance load, color, and container size all affect the levels of crackle and burn performance achieved using our wooden wicks. Therefore, Wood Candle Wick Technologies and its agent "Canwax" has a no return policy on these wicks and all sales are final.

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