Soapmaking Tips

Re-batching your soap

This is a great way to use left over soap like the soap at the ends of your loaf. To do this you can shred your cold process soap apply heat and liquid and turn the old soap into a new bar. This should be done when your soap has cured and reached a safe pH level.

The joys of Melt & Pour soap

Melt and pour soap is an easy and fun way to make soap without the fuss of using lye. The clear and white soap base gives you many design options because the end product does not need any time for curing and dying. It is a great craft to use with children.

Safety when using Sodium Hydroxide (lye)

One of the main ingredients in cold-process soap is sodium hydroxide (lye). This is a caustic material that will burn your skin on contact. When making cold-process soap it is important to take safety precautions.

Protect your eyes: Your eyes have no protective skin and if they come in contact with lye it can cause permanent damage. Dry lye, lye water and freshly batched soap can all cause harm if they get into your eyes. We suggest that you use goggles when making cold process soap.

Wear gloves: Lye water and freshly batched soap can sting, burn or cause red welts if it comes in contact with your skin. These welts can leave your skin permanently damaged and scarred. We recommend that you always wear gloves during the soap making process as well as while you are cleaning.

Avoid all contact with aluminum: There is a reaction that occurs between aluminum and lye creating hydrogen which is a highly flammable and explosive gas. Make sure that all of your utensils and bowls are only stainless steel, heat safe plastic or heat safe glass. 

Fun ways to customize your cold-process soap

Column Pour

This is a creative way to make some one of a kind soap batches. You do it by obstructing the path of the soap when pouring it into the mold. Place a wood block in the middle of the mold and pour your layers over top of it. The colours will go in four different directions and create a starburst effect.

Use different molds

You can use so many things around your house and in the grocery store when looking for molds for your soap. You can even re-use containers like yogurt cups and milk containers. Even silicone cupcake molds can be used to make themed cupcake soap. Pour your soap into the cupcake mold and then pipe the rest with a piping back to make the frosting effect.

Top it with a hat!

You can put any botanical topping on your cold process soap to add colour or help theme your bars. Sprinkle coffee grounds on the top of your coffee soap. The possibilities are endless.

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