Il s'agit d'une vaste catégorie qui possède tous vos matériaux pour fabriquer votre propre savon et produits pour le corps.
  • Botanicals
    Dried flowers and other goodies to add to your soaps and bath products.
  • Clays & Minerals
    Make spa products with these clays.
  • Dry Goods
    These include the ingredients for bath bombs, bath salts and more.
  • Flavoured Oils
    These oils are suitable for lip balms and massage oils. *December 6th, 2018: We have had to delete a number of flavours as our supplier is limiting shipping of those with low flash points (below 141F)
  • Floral Waters
    Aromatic water made from the distillation of essential oils.
  • Oils & Butters
    Liquid and solid oils and butters for your soaps, lotions & body butters!
  • Preservatives
    Any product to which you introduce water needs a preservative to extend its shelf life.
  • Raw Materials
    A wide scope category including the chemicals and miscellaneous ingredients for your soaps & body products.
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