We carry Oxides, Micas and liquid FD&C colorants to enhance your soap and body products.

Nous avons des oxydes, des micas et du
colorant liquide FD & C afin d'améliorer vos produits pour le corps et votre savon.

  • Cosmetic Glitter
    A little pinch creates a beautiful shine! Great in M&P and to decorate the tops of your cold pour soap!
  • D&C Liquid
    (Food Drug & Cosmetic) Easy to use - you can easily mix and match colours too. It tends to bleed when making layered soap, not stable in CP (can change colour), great for Melt & Pour and lotions!
  • Jojoba Beads
    Jojoba beads are a wonderful addition to scrubs and exfoliants. They provide a beautiful color variation in products. Also they are biodegradable!
  • Lake Colours
    Ideal for colouring Bath Bombs! These are powdered dyes dispersable in water. They provide great bright colors and do not leave a bath ring! Mix and match to make your own unique bath bombs!
  • Micas
    Micas are relatively simple to use. Just add the powder to your melting soap base. Some of these can also be used for cosmetics! As always, check each individual listing for important information regarding what applications are recommended for each colour. If you are ordering a Special Order size - it takes 2-3 weeks.
  • Neon Powders
    Neon Powders are bright, fun and non-bleeding. They add vibrancy and add appeal to soaps and cosmetics, and are used in cold process soap, melt and pour soap, hot process soap, CPOP soap, bath fizzies, bath salts, and even nail polish! Some are approved for lip products as well. Check each color for its FDA approved use.
  • Oxides & Ultramarines
    These are pigments and are not natural. Originally they were mined but impurities and potential toxins caused the FDA to step in to regulate their uses.
  • UV Light Inhibitor
    Helps stop the colour from fading in your bath & body products. Especially important if on display. It is in a powder format.
  • Liquid Dye & EZ Colour
    The Stained Glass collection will be discontinued when out of stock - please refer to the D&C colours for an alternative.
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