Incense/ Encens

Faites votre propre encens dans tout parfum que vous aimez Nous avons des bâtons, des cônes et aussi l'emballage pour vous aider à commencer.
Mix 1 part of fragrance oil and 2 parts DPG (dipropylene glycol). Mix well. Do not use the fragrance un-cut or else your incense will smoke more than it should. (For example to do 100 sticks use 3-4oz of fragrance and 6-8oz of DPG). Soak incense in fragrance mixture for 24 hours. (Only use a glass container or HDPE bottle - like the ones we pack our fragrances in.) After soaking pour unused fragrance into an HDPE bottle and mark (you can re-use this oil later for incense sticks/cones). Lay the cones or sticks out on a drying rack (baking rack) or hang in bundles with paper towels underneath to catch dripping fragrance. Be sure to let sticks dry completely! (If damp the fragrance oil can eat through plastic). Do not try to speed up the process.
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