Fragrance Loads

Dilution for Fragrances & Essential oils

For lotions you will need a 1% FO-dilution
1/2% FO-dilution on gels, body wash and bubble bath
2% FO-for all melt & pour soap
up to 6% dilution for Candles
1% FO-for body polishes and scrubs

Please note that when you are making lotions try to avoid citrus fragrances and essential oils because when they stay on the skin they are photosensitive (could create a sunburn). Citrus is okay in soaps and other applications that you will be washing off.
Essential oils and fragrances do not have the same dilution for all application. You will need to read online each essential oil that you are using because some of them have warnings about being photosensitive or toxic in large quantities.
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