Candlemaking Tips

So you're new to Candle Making

If you're new to candle making and aren't sure where to begin it can seem like there is too much to choose from!

We have a few resources to help simplify things for you including a "Where do I Start?" document and our Candlemaking FAQ section. Candle making is a skill that takes patience and much testing to perfect. We hope that these guides will provide you with a helpful step in the right direction. Good luck!

Tips for Candle Makers

How to make your candles burn longer - You can give your candles a longer burn time by putting them in the fridge a few hours before you plan to use them. This will harden the wax (especially in the summer and hot climates), making the candles burn longer.

Votives are especially useful in small spaces. You can use them in single or in groups to get the desired effect.

Significance of candle colours:

White- Purity, truth, peace and moon magic.

Red- South, fire, energy and vitality.

Yellow- East, air, creative and education.

Dark Blue- West, water, psychic and meditation.

Light Blue- Tranquility, healing, patience and happiness.

Green- North, earth, money, growth, gardening and luck.

Lime- Healing discord, optimism and overcoming.

Orange- Stimulation, attraction and encouragement.

Purple- Spirituality, intuition, angels and higher power.

Pink- Love, romance, feminine power and friendship.

Lavender- Spiritual development and emotional calmness.

Violet- Self-development, spiritual guidance and mental calm.

Magenta- Soul work and changes.

Indigo- Meditation, balancing karma and wisdom.

Gray- Quest of vision and out of body travel.

Silver- The Goddess, lunar magic and meditation.

Black- Ending, closure and death.

Gold- The God, solar, good health and wealth.

How to use unwaxed wicks  

Generally it is a good idea to prime the wick. Melt some wax in a top.
Cut a section of unwaxed wick, drop it into the wax. Stir until you see no air bubbles, let set in hot wax another minute stir again.

Lift the wick out of the wax. Let it drain off as much as possible and hang to dry. Then they are ready to cut to size. You may want to add wick tabs to the bottom of the wick for stability.

Testing and smelling fragrances

Sniffing coffee beans or ground coffee will cleanse your scent receptors. Sniff some coffee beans in between fragrances and you'll get a more accurate reading on the scents.

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