Body Scrub - Sugar

Body Scrub - Coffee & Sugar


2-3 Parts Sugar or Fine Salt
1 Part Body Polish
1% Fragrance for Salt and Sugar
1/4 Teaspoon of Colorant (FD&C or Mica)


Step 1: Pour sugar or salt into an 8oz Pet Jar. Fill to the beginning of the neck. Note: For one individual pot. Larger quantities for every one part base use three parts sugar or salt. Step 2: Then pour salt or sugar into a bowl for mixing in the other ingredients after measuring.
Step 3: Add 1 part body polish to your 3 parts salt or sugar.Step 4: Then mix sugar and polish together until you get an even consistency. If the scrub is too dry you can add more polish and if it is too runny add more sugar.
Step 5: Now add a quarter teaspoon of colorant. Here we used mica.Step 6: Then mix colorant into the scrub until the color is evenly distributed.
Step 7: Then add 1% fragrance. Remember to not use a citrus fragrance and only use fragrances that are body safe.  Step 8: Then mix fragrance into your scrub. if the fragrance is not strong enough you can add more, but do not go over 3%.
Step 9: You can also add botanicals and seeds to your scrubs to add color and texture. Here we added vanilla specks for added color. Step 10: Mix your botanical into scrub evenly.

Step 11: Pour sugar or salt scrub using a spoon into an 8oz Pet Jar. Flatten and smooth out the top and clean up the rim.  Step 12: Use a lid that is PS lined for an extra seal.

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