444 Soy Wax, Container
444 Soy Wax, Container

444 Soy Wax, Container

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GW444 is a premium soy wax blended with other soy additives to enhance the performance of the burn, color and achieve an excellent scent throw for container candles.

Melt point 120 - 125 Fahrenheit.

Better wax for shipping in hotter weather conditions.

This blend will hold up to a 12% fragrance load and the finished candles have a smooth top with a rich, creamy, solid color. It is also a great blending wax for paraffin, beeswax or it can be used for lotions, creams, lip balms etc.

A one pour wax but may need a slight wave of the heat gun/hairdryer to smooth out the top.

Heat wax to 180F and add colour and fragrance.  Recommended pour temp is around 135 Fahrenheit.
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