415 Soy Wax, Container
415 Soy Wax, Container

415 Soy Wax, Container

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415 is a basic pure 100% pure soy wax with no additives for container candles. 

Melt point 120 - 125 Fahrenheit.

Fragrance load up to 12% per pound of wax (by weight).

It is great for candles and tarts. Can also be used for blending with paraffin, beeswax.

As it does not contain any additives - this is the wax recommended for lotions, creams, lip balms etc.

Produces a solid, smooth, creamy color candle and has a good scent throw both cold and hot. When using this product without additives the candles will probably require a top off or need to be leveled with a heat gun (or hairdryer).
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