18" x 500' Replacement Film ONLY
18' x 500' Replacement Film ONLY

18" x 500' Replacement Film ONLY

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Film Polyolefin 60 Gauge (+$93.00)
Film Biolefin Shrink 60 Gauge (+$176.00)
500' length

Wrap 16-20 bars in a single sealing session lasting less than 1 minute! Another 2-3 minutes to shrink them and you can expect to process 100 bars in about 25 minutes. This system is large enough to wrap gift sets, trays and small baskets. Add a loofah, some lip balm and lotion, (or candles) and create Spa and Aromatherapy Kits in just minutes!

The film is non-perforated.  Perforated is only recommended for Goat's Milk, otherwise our shrink wrap suits all soap, bath bombs and more!

Please note this listing is for replacement film. If you would like the system itself, please click this link:  18" Shrink Wrap System

Check out this comprehensive How To video by Ariane Arsenault (La Fille De La Mer).

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