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January 2021 ! Happy New Year!

We are now past the Christmas rush - however, with the current lockdown in Ontario we expect to be busier than normal as people look to crafting as a way of keeping busy during this crazy/stressful time. 

We had planned on hiring two more staff but with the lockdown we feel it is prudent not to bring more people into our bubble just yet. We have limited space and are trying to keep our staff physically distanced where possible.

So we ask for your continued patience as we work diligently to get your orders to you as fast as we can. Much of the information below under the heading of November still applies.


November 2020 - Our number one priority is getting your orders to you as fast as possible!

I know you hate the phrase "due to the high volume of calls"... but it is our reality at the moment. Some of our policies may seem restrictive but our number one goal is to get orders out the door as quickly as possible.

We have had an increase in volume of orders due to many people taking up a new hobby during Covid lockdown, others are creating new businesses to earn a bit more income and many of our regular customers are seeing increases in their own orders due to the increased trend of online shopping. We can handle the volume but we are restricted in the number of people able to work side by side in our warehouse so this is slowing us down a bit.

Why aren't we answering the phone?
Since most phone calls are customers asking where is their order - or when something will be back in stock - we are finding this too much of an interruption.  We love talking to customers but our focus right now is getting your orders out the door!

If you have a query in regards to your order please email [email protected]   If it is a technical question, please email [email protected]

We are open Monday to Thursday 8:30-4pm and Friday 8:30-1pm.   Please note our showroom is closed, but we do provide curbside pickup.


We are doing our best to keep our inventory up to date.  However, a big issue is our normal lead times for replenishing stock are greatly affected by Covid.  Normally where we can replenish an item in one week - it is now taking three.  

There are also supply issues in that some products just aren't available, for example, many items in the glassware and plastic bottle industry are just not available.  This is due to factories being closed during lockdown, fewer workers being able to be in the factory and of course increase in demand.

What we are doing to counter this is order larger quantities, look for other options and buy new items which may be suitable substitutes.

If you get a note in your box regarding an out of stock item we will issue a store credit shortly.  Our bookkeeper is working remotely and picks up the paperwork every few days

Why can't I adjust my order? 

When you want to add or make changes to your order - we need to find your paperwork.  Not an issue if your order was placed within the last day or two.  However, once the order goes into production we need to track it into the warehouse.  This means stopping production to find the order, getting someone to change the information in our computer system and then calling to get your payment info and in some cases maybe re-packing the order.  All of this takes time away from getting orders out the door.  

If you have placed your order within the last 48 hours you can place another order and mention in the comments section that this order is to be added to Order#... Please select shipping.  If we are able to combine the orders we will refund any difference in shipping.

Please review your order before hitting that checkout button!  

Can I pick up my order for faster service?

Sorry but all orders are processed in numerical order.  This is done to ensure fair service to all our customers.  Please wait until we contact you by email to let you know that your order is ready. 

How long is my order going to take?

Please see the front page of our website for an up-to-date time frame for order processing. Once it leaves our door it is up to UPS, Fedex and Canada Post.  We recently had a case where it took 1 week to get a package from our warehouse to Toronto - only two hours away!  This is a highly publicized issue among all courier companies at the moment.

We thank you so much for your understanding. It has been a whirlwind of activity here at Canwax since March.  We thank you for your patience.

The Canwax Team
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