All Fragrances are 10% off from May 15 to May 24

Please note: Fragrance oils are products containing man made fragrance ingredients, chemical compounds and sometimes natural ingredients. Please consider this information when labeling your products. We do not "cut" our fragrances with fillers.

All our fragrances are Paraben free and do not contain any of the Phthalates which are considered harmful.  All of our fragrances are considered Vegan. As they do not contain "carrier" oils they will last for many years although the characteristics of the fragrance can change.

Fragrances at Canwax are measured by weight, thus the volumes in the bottles will vary. See the video at the top of the page for more info. Most body products and candle recipes reference ingredients by weight, including fragrances. Colours of the fragrance can also vary slight by batch.
We recommend purchasing the smaller sizes of the product until you are sure of the compatibility with your finished product as we cannot accept returns on fragrance oils.

NOTE: the IFRA is a document which outlines how much maximum fragrance can be used without causing damage to the skin, body, etc.   It DOES NOT mean that is how much you put in your product.  We recommend the following if the IFRA indicates it is safe to use.
Lotions:  1-2%        Soap: 1-6%          Candles 6-10%  
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