Earth First Fragrances

Earth First is a collection of beautiful, CLEAN scents that are CONSCIOUSLY-CRAFTED for both safety & sustainability. These formulations combine the beauty of nature with safe science to create fragrances that smell amazing and are safer for people and the planet*.

Clean, Vegan, No animal testing and contain no PFAS**, sulfates, phthalates or parabens. Non GMO, Responsibly Sourced Certified Natural.

These fragrances contain essential oils and lab created aroma compounds. In some cases the vast amount of flowers & plants used to create them can deplete the Earth’s resources. A lab created aroma can equal or surpass the beauty of an EO without over-harvesting or depleting the earth’s resources. The Lab Created compounds are bio-identical meaning they are made from the exact same molecules that exist in nature (which also makes them bio-degradable).

*when used as directed **PFAS - Perfluoralkyl and Polyfluroalkyl Substances.

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