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Please note - all our wicks are made from natural fibres and adhere to all U.S.A. and Canadian regulations regarding manufacturing of same.  All pre-tabbed wicks are dipped in a high melt paraffin unless specified. All wicks are Lead Free. References to melt pools, ROC and Flame heights are from tests conducted by the manufacturer are from candles made from a 140 degree fahranheit melt point paraffin wax without colour or fragrance.
  • Bleached Square
    Good choice for waxes that are highly viscous when molten, like beeswax and vegetable wax. BL SQ wick is made to curl while burning, minimizing carbon build-up. It is made of 100% natural fibres and is finished with a natural sodium treatment to improve burn qualities. (Despite the name no bleach is used). Sold by the yard (unwaxed).
  • Cotton Core
    Made for various candle systems such as votives, pillars and containers. It produces a robust flame and can help reduce carbon build-up throughout the burning. These wicks provide increased rigidity in the molten wax pool. Constructed of 100% natural fibres. Sold pre-tabbed (waxed) or by the yard (unwaxed).
  • HTP
    These wicks are self-trimming and are rigid due to the specially constructed braid which includes paper and cotton. This wick is well-suited for tough-to-burn fomulations that contain many additives. It works especially well in vegetable, gel and the one-pour container wax. Sold pre-tabbed (waxed) or by the yard (unwaxed).
  • LX
    A coreless flat braid wick designed to reduce carbon build up. Contains stabilizing threads to create a more consistent burn. Sold pre-tabbed (waxed) or by the yard (unwaxed).
  • Ply
    This wick is also known as "regular" or "flat". This wick provides a slight curl when burning. This helps reduce carbon build-up. The main applications are dipped and extruded candles. Sold by the yard (unwaxed).
  • Premier
    These Premier wicks are being carried in limited quantities and a large variety in order to get customer feedback. We will minimize and adjust what we carry according to what YOU want. See the wick suggestion chart at the bottom of this page for what we have for the time being. This chart is based on Paraffin wax, without any fragrances or dye.
  • Zinc Core
    This cotton wick has a zinc core which gives this wick great rigidity. Sold pre-tabbed (waxed) or by the yard (unwaxed).
  • Wooden
    There are three styles of Wooden Wicks: Crackling Dual 2Ply .02 Crackling Booster .02 plus plinth Crackling Booster .04 plus plinth
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