Wax, Coconut/Soy Container (CW301)

Wax, Coconut/Soy Container (CW301)

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May come in Flakes or Slabs.
Type: Coconut/Soy Hybrid Blend (we do not have information on the percentages of the blend as this is proprietary information.)
Meltpoint: 124 degree
Primary Use: Container candles 
Packaging: Curd-like nugget wax flakes or Slabs.
Scent Recommendation: Use up to 1.5 oz. fragrance per pound
Wick Suggestion: Paper core, Cotton Core, Premier & LX

Note that this is a softer wax with a lower melting point. The Coconut/Soy blend is comprised of mostly Coconut, with added Soy wax, other botanical oils and a small amount of paraffin.  It is odorless and white in colour and is comparable to soy wax with how it holds fragrance and colour.

Our customers are loving how easy this wax is to use and the great scent throw. 
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