Time Management: An honest look

Posted by on 5/22/2018

Spring and Summer are peak seasons for many vendors of their craft wares. Farmer’s markets, conventions, marketing campaigns, new product launches and more all line up with the season of sunshine! In all the hustle and bustle, it’s very important to make sure that time management is applied in order to instill a sense of balance and focused purpose. This way you don’t lose track of your ultimate goal. Not to mention the fact that most people who run their own businesses also have families and other interests. Balance is key!

Utilizing technology (such as your trusty Google calendar) is an important way to visually get reminders of what needs doing on not just a monthly or weekly basis, but daily too. Colour coding, alarms and a day planner are all tools that can help organize events but that doesn’t necessarily make things easier. There are only so many hours in a day and it’s really about efficiency and priority.

What matters in your day to day life? Starting with what you need to recharge yourself first, then help your family, then your business. Working outward is always the best bet vs starting outward and working in. You’ll never prioritize yourself in this manner and how can you accomplish all of your awesome goals without the energy to do it?

Looking at your life in an honest way and figuring out where things can get modified or cut completely based on necessity is a difficult but essential process. That wedding for that friend in college who you haven’t seen in 20 years and are pretty sure doesn’t like you anyway? Cut. Taking your daughter to the beach to celebrate end of school and spend much needed time together? Keep. That doctor’s appointment you have been putting off? Keep. Doing the endless Facebook scroll and doing quizzes to find out what type of garlic bread you are? Cut. Or at least limit. You get the idea :P

Also, remember to ask for help if you need it! There is an unspoken expectation many people have of themselves where they need to hold it all together. It’s not realistic or fair to carry it all on your own. Need help from your partner or parent to shoulder certain responsibilities so that you can focus your attention elsewhere? Ask. If you’re being reasonable and if they are thinking in your best interest, then they should be on board. If your kids can handle fair added responsibilities in order to lighten the load for you, ask them for help too!

This sort of thing takes time to perfect. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself to get it all right immediately. Trial and error is the way of things. Just remember that when your life has balance it opens the doors to all sorts of possibilities and added energy for creative pursuits. 

Keeping this in mind, all the best this season! Don’t forget to rest and enjoy the beautiful weather! Be sure to check out our Relaxation & Spa section for some inspiration too. 

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