TUMBLER, 10.5oz - 3141U   (36pcs)
TUMBLER, 10.5oz - 3141U (36pcs)

TUMBLER, 10.5oz - 3141U (36pcs)

3 CASE maximum (due to limited supply)
Part Number:JAR:Tumbler10
Your Price: $79.20
Please note if you place more than one order to bypass the 3 case limit - the second order will be cancelled. We are trying to distribute these jars to as many customers as possible.

Anchor Hocking
*These Jars are not sold for the purpose of food.*
3 1/2" height (without lid) x 3 1/8" diameter
Tumbler jars do not come with lids!
Wick Suggestion

HTP-1212 soy (as a suggested starting point).

44-32-18c paraffin

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