Starting a Handmade Business

Posted by on 3/13/2018

The process of beginning your own handmade business requires courage, knowledge, and some help too! Thankfully we live in an age where the information we need is right at our fingertips and networking with people in your niche and community has never been easier. Research is VERY important, and knowing the balance between ‘learning as you go’ and being prepared. If you are lucky enough to know someone personally who is doing something similar, pick their brain. Set up a meeting with them and see what wisdom they can offer. If you don’t know anyone to connect with, there is a whole world out there online with amazing tips for you! Connecting with people who have already been there not only helps with information on what TO do, but also what NOT to do. Also, trust yourself! There is a learning curve, so be prepared to fall, make adjustments, and get back up. If you believe in your vision and your product, you will succeed!

Some important things to consider when deciding if this is the right step for you:

1)  - Look at yourself honestly and see where your strengths are (ex: photography, social media, customer service) and where you may need a bit of extra help (ex: accounting, web design, etc). Decide if those things you need help with are things you want to learn/have time to do and figure out what is the best way to proceed. Also consider the type of person you are and your own schedule and commitments in deciding whether a physical store or online would be more suitable based on your personality.

2)  - How will I sell my products (brick and mortar store, online, markets)? Research different options, and businesses that you admire to see if a similar model would work for your concept.

3)  - Meet with a local business center and see what options are available to you in your community. Most offer small business courses or have information on great resources you may not have known about! These places are set up to help you, check it out!

4)  - If you are making handmade products that are for bath and body, there are always laws and regulations to consider based on your location. See our Resources section for more information on Government sites to have a look at, information on labeling etc.

5) - Be ready to make adjustments and to take constructive criticism well. When taking on a creative venture, sometimes we let our egos get in the way. Advice that comes from a place of helpful knowledge should always be taken as exactly that. Don’t sweat the small stuff!

6) - Most importantly, when creating a plan for yourself be clear about your vision, but also your LIFESTYLE. What is the purpose of this plan for you and how will you maintain balance in your life when creating this business?

7) - Believe in yourself! Creative confidence is something that one can struggle with. Identify your fears and push through them, you can do it!

There will be ups and downs in this process, but having a clear goal, the tools and support you need and a good foundation will help with it all. Good luck in your venture!

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