Neon Purple Play Date Powder

Neon Purple Play Date Powder

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Non bleeding color that is fresh and bright. FDA approved for general cosmetics and nail products. May not be used in eye or lip products. Made to work at higher temperatures and nail polish bases. 

Approved Cosmetic Uses & Our Test Results:
General: YesMixes In: Water or OilType: Neon
Lip Products: NoMigrates: NoFinish: Neon Bright
Eye Products: NopH Changes: NoNails: Yes
UV Fade: NoGroup: Purple

Performance Results: 

Color: Bright purple color. Produces bright purple color in clear bases and a soft pastel purple in white bases. 

Product pH: Color will not change in products with a high pH. 

Color Fading: This color is not light sensitive. 

Very occasionally, we will receive a report that the color has migrated. If needing to layer this color in soap you will need to perform testing for your specific formula.


DIRECTIONS: This powder disperses best in oil or glycerin. When making cold process soap, blend powder into oils prior to saponification. When making melt and pour soap, blend powder into a small amount of liquid glycerin. Mixing well with a mini whisk or frother will decrease the amount of color speckles in your final product. Add desired amount to soap base. This color will not bleed or migrate in layered melt and pour soap. When making bath fizzies or dry products, blend amount as desired directly into the powders. 

TIPS: Using too much color may cause staining. Test your final product to ensure optimal performance and no staining. Protect work areas and clothing when mixing. 

STORAGE: Store in an airtight, cool, dark location. When stored properly, best used within 1 year from date of purchase.

CAUTION: Approved for general cosmetics and nail products. May not be used in eye or lip products. For external use only. Keep out of reach of children and pets. Do not inhale.
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