Mica, Blushed Bronze
Mica, Blushed Bronze

Mica, Blushed Bronze

Copper Runway Glitz Mica Powder makes us feel as we are walking down the runway at a glamorous fashion show. It sparkles brightly in clear soap bases.
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Blushed Bronze Mica Powder is a shimmery bronze cosmetic powder that has a hint of pink. This color resembles blush powder so we think it's perfect to use in facial cosmetics such as bronzers and mineral makeup.

The pictured lotus blossom is clear melt and pour soap colored at a rate of 1 tsp. per pound of soap. Color will appear pastel and less vibrant in opaque melt and pour soap bases.

Appearance: Shimmering Bronze Powder
Avg. Particle Size: 40-200 µm

Physical Form: Bronze Powder
Solubility: Disperses in Oil
Country of Origin: China

Storage: Room temperature. Airtight container.
Best Used By: One year from date of purchase.
Shelf Life Once Used in Manufacturing: One year from manufacturing date.

Country Of Origin: China

Approved Cosmetic Uses & Our Test Results:

MP Soap Only: NoGeneral: YesMixes Best In: Oil, Water, Glycerin, Alcohol
Lip Products: YesBath Water: Yes (Use Poly 80)Migrates: No
Finish: SparkleEye Products: YesCP Soap Stable: Yes
Nails: YesUV Fade: No

California Prop 65 Statement:  Warning: When inhaled this product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or reproductive harm. Once the powder is incorporated into a liquid or solid base it can no longer be inhaled and therefore falls off the warning list.
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