Melt & Pour Loofah Soap

Melt & Pour Loofah Soap

Place the 1'' loofah slices into each cavity of your mold.

Cut your melt & pour soap into small chunks and put in a large Pyrex measuring cup. Melt in the microwave just until all the soap has melted. Watch your soap carefully as it will bubble up and overflow if it gets too hot.

Weigh out the fragrance oil and stir into the melted soap base. Add desired drops of your FD&C colour dye into the soap.

Now pour your soap base into each of the cavities of your mold. As the loofah absorbs some of the soap you’ll be able to go back and fill each cavity completely.


Allow the soap base to set up and harden completely, then carefully push each loofah soap out of the mold.


Have fun with packaging ideas like dotted poly bags.

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