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Basic Recipe:

1.0  oz    Beeswax  (White or Natural)
1.0  oz    Shea Butter
0.5 oz     Cocoa Butter
1.5 oz     Vegetable Oil Liquid (eg. Olive, Almond, Avocado)
6   ml      Flavouring Oil (optional)

Yield: Total of liquids is 4oz - this fills about 16 of our 1/4oz Lip Balm Pots or 32 of the 1/8oz Pots or 24 Lip Balm Tubes. See our Pots & Tubes section for options.

For smaller batches or if you do not have an accurate scale:

1.0 tbsp     Beeswax
1.0 tbsp     Shea Butter
0.5 tbsp     Cocoa Butter
1.5 tbsp     Vegetable Liquid Oil (eg. Olive, Almond, Avocado)
10 drops    Flavouring Oil

This does about 5 of the 1/4oz pots

General Instructions:

Melt all items in microwave or in double boiler until just melted (be careful not to overcook).
When melted add your flavour oil.

- To make your lip balm a little "sweeter" you can add a little bit of honey.
- If your balm is too soft, remelt and add more wax
- If your balm is too hard, remelt and add more liquid oil
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