Lip Balm Round Filling Tray  (Crafter's Choice)

Lip Balm Round Filling Tray (Crafter's Choice)

This tool makes it super easy to fill up to 48 round lip tubes at once! The silicone is durable and easy to clean.
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Flip lip balm filling tray upside down onto a clean surface. It should be text side down. Insert top of lip tubes (sold separately) into tray. Once all lip tubes are placed, carefully flip the tray and tubes over and set down on counter. Ensure the tubes remain tightly pushed into the tray. Pour melted lip balm onto tray and into tubes. Allow to harden. Use a small metal spatula to scrape excess lip balm off of tray (this can be saved, re-melted, and poured again). Remove lip tubes from tray, cap, and label. 

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