Handmade, May 2017 Vol. 57)
Handmade, May 2017 Vol. 57)

Handmade, May 2017 Vol. 57)

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Vol. 57 - 'Baby'. This month's magazine features the best recipes for baby cosmetic products and products for new moms. These recipes are accompanied by business, chemistry and aromatherapy articles as well! 

Baby Bottom Diaper Cream
Triple Butter + Creamy Buttermilk Cold Process Soap
Talc-Free Baby Powder
Soothing Baby Cream
Chamomile + Calendula Infused Bastille Cold Process Soap
Geranium + Lavender Belly Balm
Breastfeeding Boobie Butter
'From Our Shower To Yours' Soap Favors
'It's A Boy' Baby Shower Soap Favors
'It's A Girl' Baby Shower Bath Fizzy Favors
Aromatherapy Body Cream
Aromatherapy Sweet Dreams After Bath Oil

Educational Articles:
Simple Secrets: Making Solid Castile Soap
Tips For Custom Formulas: Solid Lotion for Tubes
Batter Up: Best Additives for Babies
No Lye: Detergent Free Melt + Pour Soap
Chemistry 101: Proteins In Our Products
The Melody Of Scent: Blending Essential Oils by Aromatic Notes
Simple Secrets: Making Soap Animals

Business Articles:
Health + Wellness Programs Aren't Just For Fortune 500's - Affordable Ways To Step It Up
5 Ways To Use LinkedIn To Support Your Business
Successful Selling On Online Mall Sites

Inspirational Articles:
May Handmade Highlights
Handmade At Its Best: Baby Bar Soaps
Artisan Spotlight: Bastille + Castile Soaps
Trending Questions
Packaging Inspiration: Baby Themed
One Last Question...
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