Handmade, June 2018 (Vol. 70)
Handmade, June 2018 (Vol. 70)

Handmade, June 2018 (Vol. 70)

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Vol. 70 - 'Hello Summer!" is full of bright, summery sweet content that will inspire you during your downtime! This magazine features some classic summer favorites like Aloe Butter, as well as new trends like Micellar Water. 

Beach Day Body Scrub 
Whipped Aloe Butter
Micellar Cleansing Water 
Summer Lovin' Lotion 
Calendula Infused Cold Process 
Flip-Flop Heel Helper
Fruit Lip Balm 
Boardwalk Inspired Fragrance Formulator 
Mermaid Tails Melt & Pour 
Sea Salt Hair Spritz 
Raspberry Lemonade Cold Process 
Peach Tea Melt & Pour
White Grapefruit Face Wash 

Educational Articles:
The Lowdown On Sunscreen 
All About Aloe Vera
Formulating Lotion Chart
Ingredient Spotlight Aloe Vera 
Lemons to Lemonade 
In-The-Pot Swirl Technique 
Ingredient Spotlight Palm Oil 
Vinegar in Cold Process
Artisan Spotlight 
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