Handmade, June 2017
Handmade, June 2017

Handmade, June 2017

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Vol. 58 - 'Handmade for the Hospitality Industry'. This magazine features recipes for guest sized cosmetics, as well as directions for creating large batches, that can be used in the hospitality industry! 

Guest-Size Personal Care Set 
'Wake-up Call' Guest Size Cold Process Soap 
Pillow Spray + Temple Soother 
Rise + Shine Shower Steamers 
Gilded Fleur de Lis Guest Cold Process Soaps 
Whipped Coconut Butter 
Pineapple Cold Process Soap 
Southern Hospitality Pineapple Melt + Pour Soap 
Pineapple Melt + Pour Soap Pops 
Pineapple Mint Handmade Guest Soaps 
Peaceful Sleep Aromatherapy Diffuser Blend 
Refreshing Aromatherapy Guest Body Lotion

Educational Articles:
Simple Secrets: Creating Larger Batches 
Tips For Custom Formulas: Shower Steamers 
Batter Up: Yellow + Green Colors in Cold Process Soap
No Lye: Summer Mica Colors
Chemistry 101: Orange You Glad? (The Chemistry of DOS) 
Chemistry 101: The Chemistry of Hair Care 
Nuturing Hospitality Guests With Aromatherapy
Simple Secrets: Packaging Guest-Sized Cold Process Bar Soaps

Business Articles:
Wholesaling to Hospitality 
Simple Ways to Create Outstanding Customer Service 
The Pantone Color Of The Year: It's More Than A Color 

Inspirational Articles:
June Handmade Highlights
Handmade At Its Best: Hand + Nail Care
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Atrisan Spotlight: Pineapple Soaps
Packaging Inspiration: Pineapple Themed Packaging
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