Handmade, July 2017
Handmade, July 2017

Handmade, July 2017

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Vol. 59 - "Top 50 Favorite Handmade Recipes" is a special edition magazine that includes 50 of our best selling recipes! Learn how to make each and every one of these fun and unique recipes that we LOVE! Recipes range from MP Soaps, bath fizzies, Lotion and more! 

Bath Tea Guest Bars MP Soap 
My Teen’s Favorite Face Soap 
Reindeer Duck MP Soap 
Slithering Snakes Shower Gel 
Melon Ball Bath Fizzies 
Shower & Tub Tabs (Stress Less) 
Our Best Sugar Scrub (Vanilla) 
Hello Sugar Lotion Stick 
Champagne Infused Body Soufflé 
Massage + Body Oil 
All Natural Lip Balm From Scratch 
Revitalizing Face Mask 
Pet Shampoo 
And Many More! 

July Handmade Highlights 
Artisan Spotlight: Unicorn Soaps + Bath Products 
Packaging Inspiration: Silver Tones + Grayscale 
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