Handmade, August 2017 (Vol. 60)
Handmade, August 2017 (Vol. 60)

Handmade, August 2017 (Vol. 60)

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Vol. 60 - 'Minimalism' was inspired by the millennial trend of simplicity. We have created beautiful recipes that reflect this trend by using few, but quality, ingredients! This issue also includes articles written to help transition your business model to a more minimalistic approach! 

Patchouli & Linen Cold Process Soap 
Pencil Line Cold Process Soap for Beginners 
Gemstone Melt & Pour Soap
Chocolate Orange Lip Balm 

Educational Articles:
Creating A Column Swirl 
Creating Single Oil Soap Bars
How To Create a Basic Essential Oil Kit 
Fragrance Formulator
Selecting Equipment For Soapmkaing With Lye 
Labeling Cosmetics 
Trending Q&A

Business Articles:
4 Ways to Apply A Minimalist Approach To Your Small Business 
5 Ways to Benefit From The Minimalist Movement
Attract Millennial Customers With Simplicity

Inspirational Articles:
30 Day Minimalism Challenge
Shampoo Bars & Additives
Handmade Highlights
If Cocoa Powder Could Talk...

And More!

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