EcoSoy Pillar/Votive

EcoSoy Pillar/Votive

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We have been told this is the same wax formula as before! HOWEVER, we have been told to tell you to test your candles.  It is being made by a new manufacturer.

This is 100% plant based and great for Pillars, Votives, Melts and Tarts!

Melt Point: 129 °F 
Congealing Point: 124 °F

Suggested Pouring Temp: 155 °F  to 175°F for containers under 8oz

Molded Candle Soy Wax
EcoSoya® PB makes all molded candles such as votives, pillars, tarts, etc. It has excellent scent throw working best with fragrances and is self-releasing from molds.
EcoSoya® PB is 100% plant based and carefully selected botanical oils. Free of GMM, free of pesticides and herbicide residue.

No Animal, Insect or Petroleum Products.

Candles made with EcoSoya® PB have a creamy appearance and ship well in all climates.

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