Dipped Plush Instructions

Wax:   IGI 4786 or Eco Soy 135
Working Temp: 175-180F
Fragrance Load: 8-9% (or 1.25-1.5oz)
Dye: Optional
Equipment: Tongs, Dipping Vat, Gloves, Wire Cooling Rack
Gloves: I find putting a fabric (wool, cotton) glove on inside my thick rubber glove helps with the heat.

  • Getting the right temperature is critical. If the wax is too cool, it will solidify and clump on your bear before you fluff him. If the wax is too hot, it could melt your bear. Make sure to use a thermometer. A simple test for seeing if the wax is ready is to put your gloved fingers in the wax and pull them out. If the wax immediately cools and hardens on the glove then your wax isn't hot enough.
  • Now dip! Put the bear in the wax and turn him (or her) over to get the bear thoroughly soaked. You want the fragrance to penetrate all parts of the bear.
  • After the bear is soaked, pull him out with tongs and start squeezing him to remove the excess wax. We want him wet but not drowned! Start at the top and work your way down - do a few times. If the wax is starting to clump then keep working and move on to the fluffing stage as fast as you can. You may be able to leave your bear soaking for a moment while the heat increases but definitely turn the temperature up for the next bear. You don't want clumping while you are at this stage.
  • Now sit him on a wire rack (and put a cookie sheet or paper underneath to catch the drippings). Fluff him with a fork. The idea is to make him look as fluffy as possible. When the bear is a bit more solid, move him to a baking sheet. If you leave him on the cooling rack he will end up with lines on his underneath.Once the bear is finished his fluffing stage, you can go back and fix any trouble spots.
  • Using a hair dryer, just point it at the clumps until they melt and soak into the bear. If making brown bears, you may want to put a brown dye chip into the wax. That way if clumps form or as he gets handled, the dandruff (wax breaking off), won't show as much.
  • Now wrap him up and make him a big deal! It's important to put your bear on some form of plate. The fragrance could seep out and ruin a piece of furniture. Dress him up with a bow (the colour can determine sex) and wrap him in cellophane to keep his scent inside. You could give your customer instructions on caring for the bear. State that if he clumps they can use the hair dryer to fix him. Not to leave the bear sitting in a hot sunny area as he could melt. And if they want to refresh the scent after a month or so to take a hair dryer to them to refresh the scent. You could also sell little vials of the fragrance from which they can put a few drops onto the bear (when heated with the hair dryer). These bears are a great profit item! And remember dipping isn't only for bears!

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