1. Begin by printing your image(s) from your computer onto your laser printer or colour copier.

2. Print on the glossy side of the blank paper. Remove the protective paper before placing in printer. Note: You should feed your printer one sheet at a time to avoid jamming the printer since this paper is thicker than regular paper. (If you take it to a copy centre instruct the operator to feed the copier one by one).

3. Allow the ink to dry and settle onto the paper for a few minutes and it should b ready to apply.

4. Cut out the image(s) as close as possible to the image and place them in water for approximately 30 seconds. Holding the decal you will feel that the printed image starts to slide off the white paper, then it is ready to apply the decal onto the object you are decorating (your candle).

5.  By sliding the decal into place you can wipe off excess water and remove any air bubbles gently witha paper towel. Allow setting time of about 3 hours.

If you prefer to protect your decal, after the above steps and if the decorated object allows it, you can protect your decal with a clear acrylic varnish such as Krylon spray finish. (available at most art/craft stores).


These printers use liquid inks to create images on paper. Making decals with this type of printer requires decal paper with a special coating which prevents liquid ink from beading.

1. Create artwork

2. Print artwork onto the decal paper.

If you created your artwork on the computer and have a printer, you may print that artwork directly onto the glossy side of the decal paper. The setting in your printer should be "Best Mode - Photo Paper" (any photo paper).

After printing, you must apply a thin, but thorough coat of Krylon Crystal Clear spray varnish to seal the printed image on the decal paper. (available at most craft/art or hardware stores).

3. Apply Decal

Decals are best applied to a glossy surface. If you are applying decals over models, apply with spray a glossy coating before applying the decal. Carefully cut out the decal from the sheet and dip the decal in a cup of water for 60 seconds., Placing the decal between your fingers, "feel" if the decal slides from the paper, if it does then you are ready to slide the decal off the backing paper into position on the object. Gently blot excess water with a rag or old t-shirt. Allow to dry. Apply a coat of the same glossy spray varnish finish over the object to seal the decal.
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