Cosmetic Glitter, Emerald
Cosmetic Glitter, Emerald

Cosmetic Glitter, Emerald

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Glitter adds sparkle and embellishments to soap and cosmetics.
Emerald Green Glitter consists of aluminum free, precision cut polyester particles. Resistent to solvents, water, UV rays. Max temp exposure 350º F. Not recommended for eye contact. Size: .008".

Common Uses:
Accenting Cosmetics.

Points of Interest:
Precision cut particles that provide sparkle and embellishment to products. Style and size of cut provides super sparkle reflections. Excellent body lotions, body glitter and clear mp soap. Not approved for eye contact. Free of minerals and pigments.

Do not use standard craft glitter in your cosmetics as the particle size is generally too large. While there is no government regulation for the particle size that can be used in cosmetics, the cosmetic industry standard is .004" and .008". In the event a cosmetic with glitter gets into an eye and there is an eye injury, these smaller sizes will lessen your liability.

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