Carrier Oil, Seabuckthorn (C02)
Carrier Oil, Seabuckthorn (C02)

Carrier Oil, Seabuckthorn (C02)

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Botanical Name: Hippophae rhamnoides

Extraction Method: CO2 Extraction

Description: The berries of the Sea Buckthorn are said to have the single highest source of vitamin C, vitamin E, unsaturated fatty acids, essential amino acids and beta-carotene.
Benefits: High source of antioxidants said to help combat wrinkles, dryness and other symptoms of dry, aged skin. Can also be used to promote healing of burns eczema and small cuts or wounds.
Shelf Life: 6 months to 1year after opening (store in a cool place out of sunlight)
SAP: 130-200
NAOH (oz.): 0.116
KOH (oz.): 0.163
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