CW140, Pillars
CW140, Pillars

CW140, Pillars

Soon to be discontinued - ON SALE
Part Number:WA:CW140
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1 lb (Sample) (Reg $8.00) (+$6.00)
1 slab (approx.11 lbs) (Reg $38.00) (+$36.00)
1 case (approx. 55 lbs) (Reg $174.00) (+$162.00)
This is a straight paraffin with a melt point of 140F meant for pillar candles.  Translucent like paraffin finish.  Fragrance load without additives is 4-6% (use stearic and vybar if wanting more fragrance load).

Melting Point: 140F
Full case is packaged in 5x11 lb slabs
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