What's your 2020 Vision?

Posted by S.J. Simpson on 1/5/2020
What's your 2020 Vision?

I love when the New Year begins!


For me it presents the opportunity to make plans, make new beginnings, to leave last year behind. Not that last year was bad but I love the feeling of moving forward.

I like to spend my morning coffee watching videos on how to make things. I am an artist so watching videos on watercolour techniques or how to create greeting cards are always on my favourite lists. Now I know it is easy to get lost in that quagmire of cute puppy videos and catching up on shows you never knew existed before you sat down over an hour ago with your coffee (which has now grown cold).

However, this New Year's Day a video caught my attention. It was a video by Mel Robbins. A motivational speaker. 

It was great! It was timely! She talks about your "dreams" (not the one you had last night about the batch of soap that wouldn't trace), your goals, your wants and desires in life! But what she talks about the most is what holds you back from making those dreams happen. Apparently, bingeing Netflix isn’t good...lol...but we knew that!

I've put links down below for a few of her videos.  For the full impact watch the 45 minute TED talk and see what she is talking about. What have you got to lose? Not a lot of time? - then the 15 minute interview will give you great insights as well.

This is a 15 minute interview with Mel Robbins.


This is a 45 minute TED talk with Mel Robbins.


Maybe your dream is to start a business, grow your business, get that soap to trace or just to learn something new!

Whatever your 2020 Vision and dreams include, as this New Year begins I wish you success in making them come true!



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