Blending fragrance/essential oils to create a signature scent

Posted by on 6/27/2018

One of the most exciting parts of starting your own handmade venture is creating those little signature touches that makes it truly your own. One aspect of this that will really define your brand if making bath, body or candle products are the scents.

Whether you are replicating something that already exists in some way or trying something completely unique, it is important to consider some guidelines to be sure your scent is complimentary to what you’re trying to achieve.

Consider “top notes” “middle notes” and “base notes” when formulating any aroma in order to have a well balanced, whole scent. See below for examples for different types of combinations and how they would compliment each other.

Top notes are the first thing you smell. The initial “impression” of the scent which will normally dissipate relatively quickly. Examples of this as an essential oil are: Orange, Lemon, Lime, Bergamot, Cinnamon.

The middle note of any scent normally emerges before the top note evaporates. This will serve to mask the beginnings of the base note and is often called the “heart” of the fragrance. Examples of this in essential oils are: Geranium, Juniper, Jasmine, Rosemary.

The base note starts to emerge as the middle note dissipates and the top note is gone. This leaves a lasting impression as this part of the scent lingers the longest such as Cedar, Sandalwood, Vanilla and Patchouli.

Most important of all is what you feel works. Trust your nose, but also get feedback from others. Experiment at will! This should be a fun process. Note: coffee beans are a great way to clear your nasal palette between smells. Keep them on hand for your creations! Have fun!

Here at Canwax, we carry MANY different Fragrance Oils and Essential Oils for all your crafting needs. Don’t forget to consult the IFRA/MSDS sheets in each individual listing to see what maximum levels are for the Fragrance Oils. Start blending to see what works for you!

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