Air Freshener Paper, Dog
Air Freshener Paper, Dog

Air Freshener Paper, Dog

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Make your own hanging air fresheners for your car, home, office or any place in need of some fragrance.  

This absorbent paper is the same type that's used by many car air freshener companies. The paper and shapes feel like stiff felt and are an off-white color and approx 1/10" thick. 


  • Air Fresheners for your car, closets, linen drawers, lockers
  • Scented Invitations, Place cards, or Hang tags
  • Use as samplers of your fragrances


Determine whether you will decorate your paper before or after putting the fragrance on (as the fragrance may make your ink colours run).

You can rubber stamp them, paint them or use colour markers. You can even glue on sequins - let your imagination go!

To fragrance them - either dip them in a diluted amount of fragrance oil (we suggest 50:50 ratio of DPG and fragrance).  Or you can paint them with the fragrance.

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