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An amazing tool for soapmakers!

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Recipe Design and Management

  • Design your own recipes from scratch, or start with one of the example recipes provided.

    You can make solid, liquid or cream soap recipes, as well as non-soap recipes such as lotions, candles or 'melt and pour' soap.

    • Select ingredients from the built-in list of more than 80 oils, and your own database of additives like scents and colors.
    • Lye and water amounts are calculated automatically for soap recipes (with option for pre-mixed Lye).
    • Water quantity can be adjusted automatically to compensate for liquid additives.
    • Enter ingredient amounts in any units of weight or volume -
      SoapMaker converts to the weight units and precision that matches your scale.
    • Resize a recipe instantly to fit your molds, or to any desired weight or volume.

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  • Graphic Display of soap qualities - hardness, lather and moisturizing
    • Test your recipe before you make the soap
    • With the Dynamic Graph feature, watch the graph change instantly as you vary the proportions of different oils
    • Compare recipes with each other
    • Set your favorite recipe as your 'benchmark'
    • Each recipe's fatty acid composition is shown
  • Recipe costs are calculated based on your ingredient costs
    • Both overall cost and cost per bar/portion are displayed
      (Select either bar/portion size, or number of bars/portions in the recipe).
    • Packaging items like labels, bottles, etc. can be included in recipes to see the total recipe cost
      (You can even include your labor cost).
    • Compare different recipe costs in a sorted list
  • Recipe organization -
    • All your precious recipes are saved in SoapMaker's database
    • You can organize your recipes into groups (like folders).
    • View your recipes in a list, organized by group, recipe type, name, date saved or cost.
    • Recipes can be printed or exported as text.
    • You can also print or export the ingredient list (with INCI names) sorted by quantity to use in making your labels.
  • Resizing recipes - You can have SoapMaker scale a recipe larger or smaller:
    • to a desired weight or volume
    • to a percentage of the original size
    • to fit a specified mold or set of molds

    A tool is provided to help you define your molds and calculate their volume. You can then simply select from a list of all your molds whenever you resize a recipe.

Supplies Management

  • Stocklist -

    Your supplies stocklist shows all the oils, lye and water, additives and packaging items used in your recipes and products. The stocklist shows for each item:

    • the quantity in stock
    • the value based on your cost
    • the unit cost (e.g. $/ounce) that will be used in recipes
    • a graphic icon indicating whether stock is sufficient, has fallen below your 're-order' level, or is zero.

    You can choose to display all items, or only those which need replenishing.
    Total stock values are also displayed:

    • Total for each type of supply (e.g. oil, additive, packaging)
    • Total value of your entire stock
  • Making a batch - Whenever you 'make a batch' with one of your recipes:
    • Supply stocks are deducted automatically.
    • The products made are added to your products inventory
    • A warning will show if you have insufficient stock for one or more ingredients.
  • Recording purchases:
    • Include all the items that were part of a single shipment
    • Add overheads like shipping and taxes
    • The overheads are allocated proportionally across all items in the shipment to reflect the true costs.
    • Supply stocks are automatically adjusted to include the newly purchased amounts.
    • Unit costs are changed to reflect the new purchase costs.
  • Blends and Infusions:
    • Create your own custom blend of two or more ingredients.
    • 'Make a batch' with the blend formula - your stocklist is adjusted to add the blend amount and deduct the component ingredient amounts.
    • Use the blend in your recipes and products like any other ingredient.
  • The Purchase History Report shows a list of purchases for a selected supply item.

    Each list entry includes:

    • the date that lot was purchased and the supplier's name
    • the quantity purchased, and the cost
    • how much of that lot remains in stock
  • The Supply Orders Report shows a list of all purchase orders. Each list entry includes:
    • the date the order was purchased
    • the supplier's name
    • the total cost of the order
    By selecting a particular order, you can see the details.
  • List Recipes Report - shows all the recipes which use a particular ingredient. From this report you can:
    • open a recipe
    • delete a recipe if you no longer need it
  • Usage Report - lists all the product batches you have made using a particular ingredient or packaging item.
    • You can select a specific date range
    • The list can be sorted by date, recipe name, or quantity used
  • Shopping List - This production planning tool helps determine what supplies you need to purchase.
    • Choose how many and which recipes you plan to make...
    • SoapMaker calculates the additional quantities of each ingredient you will need to buy.

Product Management

  • Product Inventory - Your products list shows the status and history of every product batch made.

    Whenever you 'make a batch' with one of your recipes, the batch is added to your inventory. For each batch you can see:

    • The descriptive name of the product
    • the recipe used
    • date made
    • whether it is cured and ready to sell
    • number of bars/portions made, sold, and remaining in stock

    The batch list can be sorted by any column. The list can be set to view:

    • All batches made
    • Only batches made with a particular recipe or group of recipes
    • Batches made within a selected date range
    • Only batches which still have stock remaining

    Save a photo of each product type.

  • By selecting a batch from the list, you can see:
    • The total cost and size of the batch
    • Up to 4 different sized bars/portions made from the batch
    • The number of bars/portions made of each size, and the number remaining in stock
    • The cost per bar/portion
    • A picture of the product
  • Recording sales:
    • You create a sales register for a single customer order (or for a sales venue such as a craft show or farmers market, etc.)
    • For each batch included in the sale, you select the product sizes and quantities sold, and your price.
    • You can include overheads such as shipping or taxes, and specify a customer discount.
    • When you save the sales register, the products sold are automatically deducted from your product inventory.
    • You can print a customer invoice from the sales register.
  • Invoices Report:
    • Lists all invoices, or only unpaid ones
    • Select one to see the contents, or to mark it paid
  • Sales History Report: This comprehensive report lists individual products sold. You can view:
    • All sales
    • Only products from a particular recipe or group of recipes
    • Only products sold to a particular customer (or at a particular venue)
    • Only sales within a selected date range

    For each product listed, the report shows:

    • The date of the sale
    • The batch number and recipe name
    • The customer (or venue)
    • The invoice which included this sale
    • The product size and quantity
    • The unit price and total price
    • Your profit margin

    Your total revenue and profit margin are shown for the items listed. By selecting an item from the list, you can:

    • View the invoice that included this sale
    • Open your customer list to see contact information for this customer


SoapMaker provides several features to assist you in tracking sales tax or value-added tax, as well as revenue and inventory totals for your income tax return.



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