Handmade, March 2016 (Vol. 43)

Handmade, March 2016 (Vol. 43)

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Vol. 43 - White chocolate was the inspiration behind volume 43 of Handmade Magazine. In this issue we combine white chocolate ideas with mint, lavender, and raspberry for the perfect balance of floral, mint, and gourmand fragranced recipes. Enjoy 59 pages full of soap and cosmetic recipes, science articles, business articles, current handmade trends, and educational articles designed to help you become a better handmade artisan.

Chocolate Mint Marshmallow Floating Melt and Pour Soap
Minty Bath Salts
Chocolate Mint Bath Fizzy Truffles
White Truffle Raspberry Melt and Pour Soap
Nighttime Whipped Body Mousse
Raspberry Swirl Cold Process Soap
Chocolate Lavender Bath Melts
Baby Massage Lotion
White Chocolate and Lavender Cold Process Soap
Debbie May’s Best Soap Frosting

Educational Articles:
Simple Secrets: Dealing With Grainy Shea Butter
Ingredient Spotlight: Natural Shea Butter
White Chocolate: Cosmetic Applications
Troubleshooting: Making Lotion From Scratch
Chemistry 101: Water Discount in Cold Process Soapmaking
Chemistry 101: Choosing A Preservative
Trending Questions
Simple Secrets: Coloring Bath Salts

Business Articles:
How To Get Unstuck After A Failure. It’s Easier Than You Think.
Ditch These Bad Business Habits and Start Fresh
Best Small Business Resources

Inspirational Articles:
Handmade Highlights
Monthly Planner, March 2016
Handmade At It’s Best: Skincare + Makeup
If Dark Chocolate Could Talk…
Artisan Advice: Coloring Bath Salts
L is for Lavender Essential Oil
Packaging Inspiration

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